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Our Story
Brasilia Swim is a sustainable, eco-friendly swimwear brand designed and located in Santa Cruz, CA. We hand-make everything in our beautiful homeland Brazil. The idea began as a way to visit family more frequently, but since then has quickly become so much more: a company rooted in feeling confident in your skin while reducing plastic waste in an industry that is constantly growing. At Brasilia Swim, we aim to make all women feel beautiful and sexy, just the way they are! We aspire to bring you high quality swimwear inspired by the vibrant colors, exotic jungles, and beautiful people of Brazil.
We as a brand care about our environment, our customers and making a positive impact on future generations of business entrepreneurs to come. We are very passionate about what we do and we give back whenever possible. Not only is our packaging completely biodegradable, but we have also begun using the most advanced eco-friendly fabric in the world. Most swimsuits are made from recycled plastic and won't biodegrade for 50 years or more. The new eco-fabrics we use to create our bikinis, if buried in the ground, will degrade within 3 years.
Thank you for being a part of our journey!
Beijos 💋
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